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We believe any organization can thrive, if people who make that organization are happy, satisfied and lead a fulfilling life. By people, we mean employees, leaders, founders, customers, suppliers, partners, collaborators and anybody and everybody who work for the organization’s success.

With over 50 years of our combined experience working with multiple organizations of varying sizes and business domains, it has been our observation and learning that people’s happiness contributes to the organization’s happiness, which invariably results in amazing business results. People are the pulse of any organization, regardless of the size, business domain, products, services and geography.

Oftentimes, in periods of growth and sustenance, organizations become more focused towards processes, regulations, tools, role titles, hierarchies and, for want of a better word, politics. This reduces the overall attention on people and their wellbeing. And mostly in these situations, the leadership messaging, even though revolving around the organization and its results, carries a strong undercurrent of aspects that do not lead to those results. This usually becomes a vicious cycle and the organization spirals down to impending failure.

On recognizing this, leaders resort to various initiatives to bring up the morale of people and hope for a turnaround. These initiatives range from insitutionalizing Reward & Recognition (RnR) programs to hiring external trainers for training on behavioral/leadership skills and a slew of measures in between. But seldom, these initiatives provide the organization with the desired outcomes, mainly due to the superficial intent and execution.

We, SatvikOrg founders, have been witness to such situations multiple times with multiple organizations. We have also been part of and have led transformations of organizations that truly understand the gravity of these situations. And we have experienced success of such transformations that employ a systemic approach which leads to the desired business results. We have come to realize that people happiness leads to organization happiness, which in turn leads to evolution of an organization which thrives on collaboration, camaraderie and co-creation. Such happy organizations value people as much as they value business results. This has a cascading effect on the surrounding ecosystem (partners, suppliers, customers, families, and ecology as well), enabling the larger system to thrive and prosper.

We, SatvikOrg, intend to partner with organizations to help them with a holistic transformation approach. We apply the interventions of training, mentoring and professional coaching, covering the breadth and depth of the organization dynamics with an aim to achieve the desired results.

Looking forward to partner with you and your organization towards creating a SatvikOrg.

– Dharmesh Shah & Tushar Paunikar, Co-Founders, SatvikOrg Transformation Services LLP.