Partner with organizations to increase their “Sattva Guna” (सत्त्व गुण)

When organizations embark on transformations, the leaders have the right intent and focus towards what they would like to achieve. However, usually the results of such transformations are not what the leaders would have expected. Based on our experience, even if the intent of the transformation is right, the execution becomes a failure.

We, at SatvikOrg, have come up with an approach that works with different organizations and is based on the Vedic philosophy and wisdom. We partner with you for a successful transformation and making it sustainable and continuously improving.

Our approach is based on increasing the Sattva Guna (सत्त्व गुण) in your organization, resulting in happy, motivated people working together toward the desired results.


Organizational Happiness for a Better and Sustainable World

What is “SatvikOrg”?

The word “SatvikOrg” comprises of a very ancient concept drawn from the Vedic philosophy called the “Trigunas”. Trigunas are the three basic constituents of all life forms, including the universe. These “gunas” named as “Sattva”, “Rajas” and “Tamas” can also be considered as the three essential qualities of all life forms.

As organizations are made up of humans and the interactions between them, these qualities are surely applicable to organizations, similar to how they apply to humans. By harnessing the goodwill within humans, any organization can get transformed to a state where “Sattva” guna is more prevalent than the other two.

We aim to utilize this ancient wisdom to help organizations transform to what we call as a “SatvikOrg”.

What’s different about SatvikOrg?

  • Result-oriented approach to achieve the desired ROI
  • Breadth of EXPERTISE (Coaching, Mentoring, Training)
  • Depth of IMPACT (3-levels simultaneously)
  • Applying ancient Indian Vedic philosophy
  • Focus on the real essence of your organization
  • Partners (not consultants), committed for results