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A very warm welcome to you from “Team SatvikOrg”!!!

At SatvikOrg, we are committed to partner with you and your organization on a transformation journey that transcends the traditional transformation initiatives. To understand our motivation to do so at SatvikOrg, read more here

SatvikOrg was founded primarily to help organizations transform from a different perspective. If you want to know how are we different from others offering transformation services, here are a couple of unique approaches that we take for transformation journeys.

Application of Vedic philosophy of “Triguna”

Partners (not consultants) who are committed for results

A unique feature of our services is an assessment to understand how you, as an organization, fare on the most important aspect – CULTURE. Combining the philosophy of “Triguna” with our extensive experience and exposure working with organizations of various sizes, this assessment helps open up your minds to see a vast number of possibilities. This assessment is conducted by way of a survey and an intensive workshop that lets everybody participate and share their perspectives. And more so, this assessment is offered at ZERO cost, for a limited duration. To know more about this, feel free to contact us OR write to us on

Transformation journeys cannot be the same for all contexts and all organizations. At SatvikOrg, we are cognizant of this fact and hence offer some Signature offerings that will help you to start with your transformation journey. These are listed below. You can know more about our Signature Workshops here.

  • Psychological Safety: Awareness to Action
  • Leadership Team Building: Awareness to Action
  • Leadership Offsite: Vision to Roadmap